Leseverstehen Übungen Englisch A2

Lese dir den folgenden Text durch und beantworte anschließend die Fragen.

My Favourite Anime

My name is Alex and I have a favourite anime. It's called "Naruto". Naruto is not just a cartoon, it's a story about a young ninja. This young ninja has a big dream. He wants to become the best ninja in his village and be the leader, called the Hokage.

Naruto is not very good at being a ninja at first. He makes a lot of mistakes. But he never gives up. He keeps trying and trying. He has a lot of friends who help him. His best friends are Sasuke and Sakura. They are in the same team with him. They have a teacher named Kakashi. Kakashi is a very good ninja and he teaches them many things.

There are many exciting fights in Naruto. Naruto and his friends fight against bad guys. They use special ninja techniques in these fights. These techniques are called "jutsu". Naruto has a special jutsu called "Rasengan". It's very powerful.

But Naruto is not just about fights. It's also about friendship and never giving up. Naruto always helps his friends. He never leaves them behind. He always believes in himself. He never gives up on his dream. That's why I like Naruto. It teaches me to never give up on my dreams.

I watch Naruto every day. I have many Naruto posters in my room. I also have many Naruto toys. Naruto is my favourite anime. I hope one day I can be brave and strong like Naruto.

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