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  • Much or Many - Rules and Examples

    Confusion between 'much' and 'many' is quite common among English learners.

  • A or An? - Rules and Examples

    It is common to be confused about the usage of the articles “a” and “an” when writing.

  • Present Progressive - Rules and Examples

    The present progressive is a verb tense used to refer to actions that are currently taking place or that are recently taking place.

  • Personal Pronouns - Rules and Examples

    Personal pronouns are words which are used to refer to people, animals, and objects in the English language.

  • Simple Past - rules and examples

    The Simple Past is a past tense used in the English language to talk about an action or event in the past.

  • Some or Any - Rules, Examples and Exercises

    The main difference between some and any is that they are used in different contexts.

  • Adverbs of Frequency - Rules and Examples

    Adverbs of frequency are words that describe how often something happens.

  • Forms of To Be: Examples and Exercises

    The verb "to be" is among the most versatile and widely used verbs in English.

  • Präteritum – Rules and Examples

    German language is complex and often challenging for English speakers.

  • German Adjectives Intensification Forms, Exceptions, and Examples

    Adjectives are some of the most commonly used words in the German language.

  • German Conjunctions - Usage and Examples

    German conjunctions are words that link phrases, sentences and clauses into larger structural units.