How to Teach 'Don't' and 'Doesn't' in a Fun Way

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Learning how to properly use contractions like "don't" and "doesn't" can be tricky for students. Turning lessons on these important basics into engaging games and activities makes a huge difference. With a little creativity, you can teach contractions in ways that stick with students and get them excited to learn.

Here are 10 hands-on ideas for teaching "don't" and "doesn't" in fun, memorable ways.

1. Contraction Matching Games

Matching games are a great way to help students identify the two words that make up contractions like "don't" and "doesn't." Make a set of cards with contractions on one set and the two words on another. Have students match the contractions to the corresponding words. You can also make this a relay race or team game to add healthy competition.

2. Contraction Flip Books

Let students create their own flip books to practice building the contractions "don't" and "doesn't" from the two words. Have them write the words "do not" on one page and "don't" on the next. Then "does not" and "doesn't." Flipping the pages reinforces how contractions are formed.

3. Contraction Fill in the Blank Stories

Provide students with a story that has blanks for contractions like "don't" and "doesn't." As they fill in the proper contraction, they'll practice identifying the right situation to use each one. Turn this into a fun game by breaking into teams and seeing who can complete the story fastest.

4. Contraction Songs and Chants

Set contractions like "don't" and "doesn't" to a catchy tune or chant to help cement proper usage. Add hand motions too for a multi-sensory way to learn. Upbeat contraction songs turn lessons into fun singalongs students will love.

5. Contraction Board Games

Board games that require students to correctly use "don't" and "doesn't" to advance through the game motivate learning through play. Make a DIY game or use an online game creator like JeopardyLabs to easily build educational review games.

6. Contraction Story Strips

Have students arrange illustrated contraction story strips in the proper sequence. This engages them in applying "don't" and "doesn't" correctly within the context of a full story. Turn it into a small group activity by giving each team member one sequenced strip to tell their part of the story.

7. Contraction Learning Centers

Set up engaging learning centers around the classroom focused on "don't" and "doesn't." Students can rotate through the different activities like contraction matching games, flip books, story strips and songs. This multisensory approach appeals to various learning styles.

8. Contraction Crafts

Crafting with contractions like making contraction puppets, word magnets or bookmarks reinforces learning through creativity. Students will love making contraction-themed projects to take home and share. Displaying their crafts proudly also builds confidence.

9. Contraction Races

Hold relay races where students race to create contractions like "don't" and "doesn't" from word cards. Or have them race to identify the matching contraction and word pair. Friendly competition makes practicing contractions fun and interactive.

10. Contraction Scavenger Hunt

Send students on a scavenger hunt to find contractions like "don't" and "doesn't" hidden around the classroom. They can hunt as individuals, pairs or teams. Finding real examples of contractions in context is a motivating way to cement knowledge.

With a little imagination, teaching the mechanics of contractions doesn't have to be boring. Interactive games and hands-on activities are a surefire way to help students grasp concepts like "don't" and "doesn't" quickly and retain the knowledge long term.

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