How to Teach Present Perfect Progressive in a Fun Way

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Teaching Ideas

The present perfect progressive tense can be tricky for students to grasp. This verb tense expresses actions that began in the past and are still ongoing in the present. Teaching it in an engaging, interactive way is key to helping students understand and apply it correctly. Here are some ideas for making your present perfect progressive lessons fun and memorable.

Hands-On Activities

Getting students out of their seats and involved in hands-on learning is a great way to make grammar practice active versus passive. Some ideas include:

  • Action Charades - Have students pick progressive verbs out of a hat and act them out until classmates guess the action. Great for bodily-kinesthetic learners.

  • Progressive Ball Toss - Toss a ball around and when caught, students must say a sentence in the present perfect progressive tense describing their "ongoing" action.

  • Timelines - Have students draw or build timelines showing events from the past that continue into the present. They can demonstrate comprehension by explaining the timelines orally or in writing using target vocabulary.

Interactive Games

Incorporating interactive games and technology tools can add engagement and fun competition to your lessons. Some top picks include:

  • Online Quizzes - Use Kahoot or Quizizz to create gamified quizzes reviewing the proper usage of present perfect progressive. Make it fast-paced and inject humor!

  • Jeopardy - Use JeopardyLabs to build a customized Jeopardy board with categories related to your present perfect progressive lesson. Add fun facts and trivia too!

  • Digital Boards - Have students share examples, ask questions, or brainstorm ideas using Padlet. The collaborative environment promotes participation.

Real-World Connections

Whenever possible, connect your grammar lessons to students’ lives and real-world examples. Here are some ideas:

  • Personal Posters - Have students make posters or slides about an ongoing action or habit in their own life. Include timeline visuals.

  • Video Samples - Show video clips where the present perfect progressive tense is used conversationally. Have students identify the verbs.

  • Daily Comic Strip - Students can create comic strips demonstrating comprehension. Encourage humor and creativity!


Teaching grammar does not have to bore students. With hands-on activities, interactive games, and real-world connections, lessons on the present perfect progressive can engage diverse learners. The key is tapping into students' interests and sparking active participation. Ready to make your perfect progressive lessons unforgettable? Check out to-teach for more resources on creating fun exercises, worksheets and lesson plans adapted to your students' needs and interests with the help of AI. Keep grammar groovy!

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