How to Teach Simple Present in a Fun Way

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Teaching Ideas

The simple present tense is a foundational grammar concept that students must master. However, teaching simple present can often feel repetitive for both teachers and students. That's why it's essential to liven up simple present lessons with fun, engaging activities. In this post, we'll explore creative ways to teach simple present while keeping students interested and motivated.

Simple Present Activities and Games

One of the best ways to teach simple present is through interactive games and activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Simple Present Bingo: Create bingo cards with simple present verb conjugations. Call out different subjects and have students find the matching verb.

  • Freeze Dance: Play music and have students dance. Stop the music and call out a simple present sentence like "He (run)_." Students must strike a pose to model the verb.

  • Simple Present Charades: Students act out verbs you call out in the simple present tense. Their classmates guess the action.

  • Verb Volleyball: Form two teams and take turns calling out and acting out verbs. The first team to fail to return the "volley" earns the other team a point.

  • Board Race: Separate students into teams. Write various subjects on the board. Set a timer and have teams race to conjugate the verbs correctly.

Simple Present Crafts and Worksheets

Crafting and worksheet activities allow students to practice simple present in a more hands-on, creative way.

  • Have students make simple present verb conjugation wheels out of paper plates. They can use them as a reference.

  • Print out simple present worksheets and have students complete them in pairs or small groups, not independently.

  • Make simple present verb posters. Students illustrate the verbs and conjugate them below. Display them in class.

Technology Integration

Digital tools can provide engaging new ways for students to learn simple present:

  • Padlet: Have students post examples of simple present sentences on a shared board.

  • Kahoot: Create a quiz game to review simple present conjugation and sentence structure.

  • Edpuzzle: Use or create a video with questions about the verbs used in the simple present tense.

  • JeopardyLabs: Build a simple present Jeopardy game for a fun review activity.

Make Simple Present Stick

The key to effectively teaching simple present is using repetition and variety. Cycle through games, worksheets, technology tools, and activities to cement the conjugations. Connect them to students' real lives by using familiar verbs and topics. Keep the focus on fun with friendly competition and creativity. Soon students will grasp simple present without dread.

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