Teach object pronouns in a fun way

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Teaching Ideas

Object personal pronouns are an important part of speech for students to learn. However, memorizing pronoun charts can be dull. Here are some hands-on ideas to liven up your object pronoun lessons and engage your students.

Object Pronoun Activities

Object Pronoun Charades

Have students act out objects and let their classmates guess which pronoun they are. For example, a student may pretend to drive a car while classmates call out "It's her!" or "It's them!". This gets kids up and moving while practicing pronouns.

Object Pronoun Ball Toss

Write pronouns on a beach ball. Have students stand in a circle and toss the ball around, calling out the pronoun their right thumb lands on. This combines movement with repetition for pronoun practice.

Object Pronoun Worksheets

Have students complete printable worksheets like fill in the blank stories and pronoun matching activities. Try using Wordwall to make engaging online worksheets.

Object Pronoun Posters

Ask students to create pronoun posters with magazine cutouts, drawings, and craft materials. Display these around the classroom for a colorful reminder.

Object Pronoun Games

Object Pronoun Jenga

Write object pronouns on Jenga blocks. When students pull a block they must use the pronoun in a sentence. This game calls for concentration while having fun.

Object Pronoun Board Race

Make an object pronoun themed board game. Break into teams and see who can reach the finish first by answering pronoun questions correctly.

Object Pronoun Jeopardy

Set up a Jeopardy style game using JeopardyLabs. Make categories around pronouns for a fun quiz format.

Object Pronoun Relay Race

Line students up into teams and place pronoun cards across the room. Have students race to retrieve cards and put them in the correct order.

Interactive Object Pronoun Lessons

Object Pronoun Videos

Engage visual learners by making silly object pronoun music videos or animations. Share them with students online or on classroom screens.

Object Pronoun Stories

Have students help write or illustrate an object pronoun story. Print it out as a class book or share digitally using Padlet.

Object Pronoun Kahoot

Review pronouns by creating a quiz game with Kahoot. Project it for your class or have students play on individual devices.

Object Pronoun Edpuzzle

Use Edpuzzle to make an interactive pronoun video. Insert questions, audio notes and quizzes to check comprehension.

Learning object personal pronouns doesn't have to be boring. With hands-on activities, games, and technology, you can teach pronouns in ways that resonate with your students. The problem is always getting good teaching content that resonates with students. Our platform to-teach is here to solve that. It is for teachers so they can create exercises, worksheets and lesson plans with the help of AI and adapt them to topics that are interesting and fun for students.

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