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Adverbials of time are words or phrases that indicate when something happens, such as "yesterday", "next week", "in the morning", etc. Teaching students how to identify and use adverbials of time in sentences can seem boring, but it doesn't have to be! With some creativity and the right tools, you can make learning adverbials of time engaging and meaningful for your students.

Fun Activities for Teaching Adverbials of Time

Adverbial of Time Word Wall

Create an adverbial of time word wall in your classroom using Wordwall. Have students contribute words and phrases related to time that they find in their reading or discussions. Post them on the wall and refer back to it during lessons to reinforce learning. Students can also play games on Wordwall using the words, like match ups and word searches.

Adverbial of Time Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that you can adapt to have students identify adverbials of time. Provide each student with a bingo board filled with different time words. Call out sentences with various adverbials of time for students to mark off on their boards. The first one to complete a row wins!

Adverbial of Time Videos

Making short, entertaining videos can capture students' interest. Use Edpuzzle to add questions and audio notes to existing videos about time. Or, film your own video modelling how to identify adverbials of time in sentences. Share on Edpuzzle and see how well students understand the concept.

Adverbial of Time Board Race

Divide students into teams and have them line up on one side of the classroom. Write adverbial of time phrases on the board. One student from each team races to the board and has find and underline the adverbials of time. First team to underline them all wins!

Adverbial of Time Jeopardy

Use JeopardyLabs to build a fun Jeopardy game reviewing adverbials of time. Make categories related to dates, times of day, frequency, and sequencing. Have students answer in the form of a question to win points. Creating their own questions can help reinforce the knowledge.

Adverbial of Time Escape Room

Set up an Adverbial of Time Escape Room using Padlet. Post puzzles, codes, logic problems, and timed challenges that require students to identify and use the correct adverbials of time phrases to unlock the next stage. Make it collaborative by having them work in teams.


With tools like Wordwall, Kahoot, Padlet and more, teaching adverbials of time does not have to be mundane. gamifying lessons and engaging students' interest in creative ways will help them retain the knowledge. If you need more ideas and resources for teaching adverbials of time or any other topic, be sure to check out to-teach, an AI platform built to help teachers create fun exercises, worksheets and lesson plans adapted to what students find interesting and enjoy learning.

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