Teaching the Future Perfect Tense Through Interactive Games

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Teaching Ideas

Tense in a Fun and Engaging Way

The future perfect tense can be tricky for students to grasp, but have no fear - there are plenty of fun and engaging ways to teach this concept! Using interactive games and activities will help cement their understanding while keeping them interested and excited to learn.

Here are some ideas for teaching the future perfect in an enjoyable way:

Interactive Online Games

Online game platforms like Kahoot! and Quizlet provide ready-made games or allow you to create your own to review future perfect forms. You can make it competitive by splitting the class into teams and seeing who gets the highest score. The games have leaderboards, memes, music and celebrations when students answer correctly - all things that make learning fun!

Some game examples include:

  • Future perfect tense race - answer future perfect sentences before the other teams

  • Future perfect trivia - answer questions about the future perfect

  • Guess the sentence - write sentences with a blank for the future perfect verb for students to fill in

Collaborative Exercises

Get students working together on practice exercises using tools like Padlet or WordWall.

Have them team up to come up with original sentences using the future perfect in a Padlet. They can walk around and check out their classmates' sentences.

Or use WordWall to create a match up activity where students find the future perfect forms that complete the sentence. Assigning teams makes it engaging.

Fun Worksheets and Activities

Jazz up your worksheets and handouts with some fun imagery and humor! Having a funny image or meme that relates to the future perfect will help grab their attention.

Some ideas include:

  • A crystal ball image with practice sentences about predicting the future: "By next Saturday, I _ (read) all the Harry Potter books."

  • A worksheet where students imagine positive future achievements: "In 10 years, I _ (travel) around the world."

  • A fill-in-the-blank story about time travel with blanks for future perfect verbs.

Interactive Media Lessons

Multimedia tools like EdPuzzle let you create video or audio lessons that students can complete at their own pace. Embed some comprehension checks, polls and quizzes to test their future perfect know-how.

Seeing real-world examples of the future perfect in videos keeps them engaged as they learn. Short animated clips work well too.

Fun Review Games

Use JeopardyLabs to build a customized Jeopardy game reviewing the key aspects of the future perfect like usages, sentence structure, time expressions and irregular verbs. Appoint student captains to make choices for their team.

Other review game formats could include Millionaire, Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune focused on the future perfect. A little friendly competition goes a long way!

Overcoming Future Perfect Frustrations

The problem for many teachers is finding and creating content that really connects with students when teaching something like the future perfect. That's where AI-powered platforms like To-Teach (https://to-teach.ai) come in.

To-Teach makes it simple for teachers to produce customized exercises, worksheets and lessons that resonate with today's learners. The AI takes care of the busywork while you focus on adapting the materials on the topics and activities you know your students will find fun and engaging.

Stop spending hours searching for content and get started creating some future perfect fun with To-Teach! Your students will be thrilled to see grammar come to life in such an enjoyable way.

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