Fun Activities for Teaching Do vs Does

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Teaching Ideas

Understanding how to use "do" and "does" correctly can be tricky for students, but there are many fun and engaging ways to teach this grammar concept. Making your do and does lessons interactive and hands-on will help students grasp the proper usage and when to use each one.

Fun Activities for Teaching Do vs Does

Do or Does Games

Turn your do and does lesson into a fun grammar game! Some ideas include:

  • Do vs Does Ball Toss - Say a sentence and have students toss a ball to "Do" or "Does" corner. Great kinesthetic activity!

  • Do or Does Four Corners - Read sentences aloud and have students move to the correct corner. Add music for excitement!

  • Do and Does Board Race - Divide students into teams and see who can correctly categorize sentences first.

Hands On Do and Does Exercises

Involve different learning styles by getting tactile with do and does. Try these activities:

  • Do and Does Lego Cards - Have students build sentences with Lego cards.

  • Salt Tracing - Students trace "do" and "does" in salt trays while repeating sentences.

  • Playdough Molds - Make do and does molds for playdough and have students create examples.

Do or Does Worksheets and Printables

Reinforce learning with engaging worksheets and printables:

  • Do vs Does Mazes and Puzzles - Apply knowledge in a fun puzzle format.

  • Do and Does Comic Strips - Have students create grammar comics.

  • Do or Does Scavenger Hunt - Search worksheets and handouts to find examples.

Interactive Technology for Do and Does

Use interactive platforms to teach do and does:

  • Kahoot Quiz - Test knowledge with a fun, game-show style quiz.

  • Padlet - Brainstorm do/does sentences collaboratively.

  • JeopardyLabs - Make a do vs does Jeopardy game.

  • Edpuzzle - Create video lessons explaining do and does.

Make Grammar Lessons Engaging

The key is to make your do and does lessons interactive, hands-on and engaging. Use games, activities, movement, music and technology to teach this grammar concept in a fun way that resonates with students. Tools like Padlet, Kahoot, Wordwall and Edpuzzle can add excitement to your do and does lessons.

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