How to Teach Adverbial Clauses in a Fun Way

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Adverbial clauses can be tricky for students to grasp, but teaching them doesn't have to be boring! With a bit of creativity, you can make learning adverbial clauses engaging and enjoyable for your students.

What Are Adverbial Clauses?

An adverbial clause is a group of words that functions as an adverb in a sentence. Adverbial clauses modify verbs by explaining time, place, condition, contrast, purpose, or other circumstances.

Here is an example adverbial clause:

"When the bell rings, go to your next class."

The clause "When the bell rings" modifies the verb "go" by explaining when this action will happen.

Fun Activities for Teaching Adverbial Clauses

Adverbial Clause Charades

This acting game engages kinesthetic learners. Split students into teams. One student from each team acts out an adverbial clause while their team guesses. For example, a student could act out "As fast as possible" by running in place.

Adverbial Clause Matching Games

Create a matching game by writing adverbial clauses on one set of cards or pieces of paper, and the meanings on another set. Students work in pairs or groups to match the adverbial clauses with their meanings.

Adverbial Clause Board Race

Split the class into two teams. Draw a winding path on the board with adverbial clauses written at various points. Have students take turns going to the board and identifying the adverbial clauses until they reach the finish. The first team to correctly identify them all wins!

Adverbial Clause Jenga

Write adverbial clauses on Jenga blocks. When students pull a block, they must correctly identify the type of adverbial clause before adding the block to their tower.

Adverbial Clause Videos

Encourage auditory and visual learning by creating or sharing short video clips that demonstrate different types of adverbial clauses. Ask students to identify the adverbial clause after watching.

Adverbial Clause Worksheets and Activities

Reinforce learning with engaging worksheets and activities. Try these digital tools:

  • Use Padlet for an adverbial clause brainstorming board.

  • Build adverbial clause quizzes and games with Wordwall.

  • Make an adverbial clause quiz game with Kahoot.

  • Create an adverbial clause video lesson with Edpuzzle.

  • Build an adverbial clause Jeopardy game with JeopardyLabs.

Make Adverbial Clauses Fun

The key to teaching adverbial clauses in an engaging way is using creativity, variety, and a little fun competition! Apply the clause in context, reinforce with interactive activities, and tap into different learning styles.

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