How to Teach Present Perfect Simple in a Fun Way

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Teaching Ideas

The present perfect simple tense can be tricky for students to grasp, but teaching it doesn't have to be boring! Here are some hands-on, interactive ways to teach present perfect simple while keeping your students engaged and having fun.

Get Creative with Arts and Crafts

Getting crafty is a great way to reinforce the idea behind present perfect. Have students make timelines showing events from their past leading up to now. They can draw or write examples of things they have done at different points on the timeline.

You can also have them make wearable reminders, like hats or badges that say "I have ___" with space to fill in something they've experienced. Getting to decorate their creations makes it even more fun.

Play Grammar Games

Games add healthy competition and get students excited about learning. Try playing present perfect simple bingo - call out sentences like "I have been to Japan" and have students mark off squares.

Another idea is to play present perfect simple volleyball - form two teams and have students call out true statements with present perfect across a volleyball net. If a team misses, the other team scores a point!

Add Movement with Total Physical Response (TPR)

Incorporating movement into your lesson appeals to kinesthetic learners. Use TPR by having students act out sentences like "She has eaten breakfast" by pretending to eat.

You can also play present perfect charades - have students pick a sentence written on a card and act it out for their team to guess. Acting boosts engagement and memory retention.

Make Interactive Games with Online Tools

Digital games add variety and capitalize on technology that engages modern students. With Kahoot you can make fun present perfect simple quizzes. Wordwall has templates for activities like word searches containing target vocabulary.

Padlet works great for collaborative timelines and boards. Edpuzzle allows you to add questions and audio notes to YouTube videos. The options are endless!

Try Roleplaying Real-Life Situations

Roleplaying everyday situations lets students see how present perfect is used in context. Set up scenarios where students introduce themselves and share things they have done ("I have traveled to France", "I have played piano for 5 years").

You can also have them roleplay customers in a shop asking about products they have bought before. Acting out real conversations cements proper usage.

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