How to Teach He, She & It in a Fun Way

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Teaching Ideas

Pronouns can be a challenging topic for students to grasp, but teaching them doesn't have to be boring! There are many fun and engaging ways to teach pronouns like he, she, and it. Here are some creative ideas to liven up your pronoun lesson and help your students master this important concept.

Pronoun Games & Activities

Turn your pronoun lesson into a game by trying these activities:

  • Pronoun Charades - Have students act out different pronouns while their classmates guess which one they are. This gets them up and moving around as they learn.

  • Pronoun Bingo - Create bingo cards with different pronoun words and definitions. Call out clues and have students match the pronouns. The first to get bingo wins!

  • Pronoun Relay Race - Separate students into teams and have them race to match pronoun words to their definitions. The first team to match them correctly wins.

  • Pronoun Scavenger Hunt - Hide pronoun flashcards around the classroom. Have students search for them and match each pronoun to its correct definition.

Pronoun Crafts

Get creative with arts and crafts to reinforce pronoun concepts:

  • Pronoun Puppets - Have students make puppets for he, she, and it using craft supplies. Then put on a pronoun puppet show!

  • Draw a Pronoun Comic Strip - Get your students illustrating pronouns in action by having them draw a comic strip using the pronouns in a story.

  • Make Pronoun Bookmarks - Have students decorate bookmarks with pronoun words and definitions to help them remember while reading.

Pronoun Songs, Chants & Poems

Set pronoun rules to music with these lyrical ideas:

  • Pronoun Song - Teach pronouns through a simple song set to a catchy melody. Include actions for each pronoun.

  • Pronoun Chant - Chant the pronoun definitions aloud rhythmically to help memorize the rules. Clap along to the beat!

  • Pronoun Acrostic Poem - Write an acrostic poem with pronouns by having each line start with he, she, it, etc.

Interactive Pronoun Activities

Engage your tech-savvy students with these digital pronoun activities:

  • Kahoot Pronoun Quiz - Review pronouns by creating a quiz game on Kahoot that students play on their devices.

  • Pronoun Padlet - Have students post pronoun examples on a collaborative Padlet board to share with the class.

  • Pronoun Jeopardy - Review pronouns before a test by playing a Jeopardy game created on JeopardyLabs.

No matter which activity you choose, teaching pronouns in an engaging, interactive way will help your students grasp this key concept while having fun! Don't forget to check out to-teach for more great teaching tools and resources to create fun and effective lessons.

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