Teach Present Progressive in an Engaging Way

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Teaching Ideas

The present progressive tense can be tricky for students to grasp, but there are many creative ways to teach it that make learning engaging and memorable. In this post, we'll explore interactive activities, games, and tools to liven up your present progressive lessons.

Getting Started with Present Progressive

Before diving into the fun stuff, students need a solid understanding of how to form present progressive sentences. Use teaching present progressive worksheets and exercises to reinforce the structure:

  • Subject + to be verb (am/is/are) + verb ending in -ing

For example:

  • I am playing
  • He is talking
  • They are eating

Present Progressive Games

Once they have the basics down, get students out of their seats with these present progressive games:

  • Charades - Have students act out verbs with present progressive clues. For example, act out "I am swimming" by pretending to do the breaststroke.

  • Drawing Game - Have students draw present progressive scenes on mini whiteboards based on your clues. For example, draw "The girl is reading a book."

  • Freeze Dance - Play music and have students dance. Stop the music and call out a present progressive sentence based on how students froze, like "You are standing on one foot!"

Interactive Present Progressive Activities

Online tools like Padlet, Kahoot and Wordwall make excellent platforms for interactive present progressive activities:

  • Make a Padlet board for students to post sticky notes with original present progressive sentences.

  • Create a Kahoot quiz where students identify whether sentences use the present simple or present progressive tense.

  • Use Wordwall to generate a word search or crossword puzzle with present progressive vocabulary words.

Real-World Present Progressive

One of the best ways to cement the present progressive is to connect it to real situations. Try these hands-on present progressive learning ideas:

  • Look out the window and have students take turns saying what people are doing right now, using the present progressive.

  • Assign each student a unique present progressive action to act out, then have them mingle while acting it out and describing each other's actions.

  • Show video clips and have students identify the present progressive verbs being used.

No matter which approach you choose, making present progressive fun and interactive is key. With creative lessons and activities like these, your students will be present progressive pros in no time!

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