Teaching Singular and Plural in a Fun Way

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Teaching Ideas

Learning about singular and plural nouns is an essential building block in grammar lessons. However, it can often seem dull for students unless you spice it up! This article shares creative ideas to make teaching singular vs plural engaging and memorable.

Plural Activities for Hands-On Learning

Plural Crafts

Have students make singular and plural pairs of fun crafts like paper ice cream cones or fruit magnets. Getting their hands busy will anchor the concepts.

Plural Collages

Print out or draw pictures of singular objects. Then have kids hunt through magazines to find the matching plurals and collage them.

Plural Puppet Shows

Let students make finger puppets for singular words like "cat" and "fox." Then act out funny stories using the plurals like "cats" and "foxes."

Plural Games for Interactive Learning

Plural Memory

Make two sets of cards with singular words on one set and plural forms on the other. Flip them over and have kids match pairs in this grammar version of the classic memory game.

Plural Bingo

Call out singular or plural forms and have kids cover the matching spaces on bingo cards. Award prizes when they get "bingo!"

Plural Basketball

Label two baskets with "singular" and "plural." Divide into teams and take turns shooting baskets with singular and plural word flashcards based on which basket you say.

Plural Board Race

Make a snakes and ladders style board game path. Draw singular or plural cards and move ahead or back depending on whether you form the word correctly.

Digital Plural Activities

Plural Kahoot

Design a quiz-style Kahoot game with singular and plural questions. Kids love the competitive fun of answering on their devices.

Plural Padlet

Have students post singular and plural pairs on a Padlet board. Compare everyone's words in one easy online spot.

Plural Jeopardy

Make a Jeopardy game board with singular vs plural clues in each box. Pick clues and "buzz in" to answer questions just like the TV show.


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