Teaching Some and Any in a Fun Way

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Teaching Ideas

Some and any are tricky concepts for students to grasp. However, with the right mix of creativity and engagement, teaching these indefinite pronouns can be fun and effective. Here are some hands-on activities and online tools to liven up your some and any lessons.

Hands-On Activities for Some and Any

1. Some and Any Sorting Activity

  • Prepare cards with example sentences that contain some, any and other quantifiers like many, much, few etc.
  • Ask students to work in small groups to sort the cards into the different quantifier categories.
  • Extend this into a game by timing the groups and giving prizes to the fastest team.

2. Some and Any Board Game

  • Create a simple board game to reinforce the difference between some and any.
    -Spaces could require students to form a sentence with some or change a sentence by replacing any with some.
  • Make it collaborative by having students roll a dice and move together. The first team to finish wins.

3. Some and Any Role Play

  • Write dialogues with blank spaces for some or any.
  • Have students work in pairs to fill in the gaps and then act out the conversations.
  • Encourage creativity by allowing them to perform the role plays with props or costumes.

Online Tools for Engaging Some and Any Lessons

Digital learning platforms are great for adding an interactive element to some and any instruction. Here are some top picks:


Padlet enables real-time collaboration. Have students post examples of some and any sentences on a shared board. They can comment on each other's work.


From Wordwall's template library, assign some and any quizzes and wordsearches. Track student progress in real-time.


Create a fast-paced some vs any quiz on Kahoot. Add videos and images to test understanding in context.


Use Edpuzzle to make an existing video on quantifiers interactive. Insert some and any questions that students must answer before continuing.


JeopardyLabs makes building a customized some and any Jeopardy game quick and easy. No PowerPoint required.


Getting creative with hands-on games and digital tools can liven up grammar lessons on some and any. Students will have so much fun, they may not even realize how much they are learning!

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